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展会名称: SIAL CHINA 2015第十届中国国际食品和饮料展览会
时间:2015年5月10日-- 12日   地址:上海新国际博览中心

展会名称:2015 Packaging 中国国际加工包装机械及器材工业展览会
时间:2015年6月12-14日 地 址:上海新国际博览中心

时间: 2015年6月22日—24日   地址: 上海光大会展中心

展会名称:展会名称:第十五届中国国际加工包装印刷展览会(中国Propak china 2015)
时间:2015年7月10日-12日 地址:上海新国际博览中心

展会名称:Sino-pack 2015华南国际包装技术展(深圳雅式)
时间:2015年3月7日至10日   地址:广州中国出口商品交易会琶洲展馆

时间:20152-5-29 至 2007-5-31  地址:广州;中国出口商品交易会琶洲展馆

时间:2015年4月27日--2007年4月29日  地址:中国国际展览中心

时间:2015年6月12日 -14日  地址:中国国际展览中心

时间:2015年6月27日-29日 地址:苏州国际博览中心

时间: 2015年5月24日-26日     地址:南京国际展览中心

时间:2015年4月14-16日  地址:义乌梅湖会展中心

Product List
Rover robot to the famous "Huashan Mountain" thinking in China created a precedent for fighting entertainment robot, creator of China high simulation of human entertainment robotics technology. As a pioneer of Chinese high simulation human robot industry, Rover robot to independent original as the fundamental, to develop humanoid simulation human entertainment game for the purpose to the promotion of Oriental Culture in the world for a long-term goal.
Rover robot has been launched to the legend of the Condor Heroes "inside five martial arts Dean figure image for the design of the prototype, the wireless communication technology as the carrier, preliminary design of five high simulation human, achieve high simulation human robot fighting in a number of entertainment function. We users can remotely control the robot through the phone or touch screen host, let us really enjoy the PCD (passion passion, control control, dream dream) of the entertainment life.
At present, the Chinese market, as China"s social structure, is a multi-level and three-dimensional. Both small and medium-sized customers, as well as growth in the scale of customer and brand customers, some of the service robot effect, some of the services promotion, Rover robot is based on such a background, to meet the needs of different groups of robot life mission, namely the establishment of the different division.
For multi class customer groups follow the social development and change, each a rover products or services, respectively by "proposal - Project - Experiment Popularization" has been obtained perfect customer experience. The rover has developed nearly 20 robot products, the application of the 17 patents, until now there are nearly 10 products and 2 patents in application.
Creativity is one of the rover robot Spirit of enterprise, which emphasizes the rich passion, creativity and initiative, and inject it into the technology, products and services, enterprise management, culture, channel development and other fields, and continuously improve the core competitiveness of the rover robot, robot Rover brand integration business model value provides the driving force.
Rover robot by integrating the latest technical resources, strengthen science and technology innovation system and platform construction, speed up the construction of scientific and technological personnel, increase investment in science and technology and so on a series of initiatives, push forward the technological innovation ability of practice, for Rover robot brand integration business model value now provide impetus to science and technology.
Rover robot to customers as the center, to serve as a guide, respectively for brand customers, small customers provide multi-level services, Rover robot brand integration can provide power for the implementation of the marketing business model value.
Rover robot adopts a flat organizational structure, according to different business set up a division, the cause of independent accounting, and cross business, foreign service and fight a portfolio, according to customer demand, providing different solutions, solve the four steps of the portfolio management system strategy and execution, process and result, tube and steward, goal setting and risk control, giving the division more operational autonomy, to realize effective control of the group of resources effective disposition and the business, Rover robot brand integration can provide power management for the implementation of the business model value.
Rover robot advocate innovation, diligence, professional, pragmatic, integrity, Thanksgiving spirit of enterprise and "high realm of life, professional work," the corporate culture, provide a tolerant atmosphere for innovation, and from the evaluation, enterprise culture up to guide and promote within the group and between the swim, the division between collaborative, the formation of high level, without borders open collaborative culture, Rover robot brand integration business model value implementation provides a cultural power.
Rover robot is committed to build a service platform for public entertainment robot and open. We will rely on technology innovation, and constantly improve the robot recreation participation and the effectiveness of the cluster, Rover robot will become the true sense of public entertainment service platform.
We hope that more partners, developers can benefit which brings to the rover robot entertainment experience and value, so as to promote the healthy development of entertainment robot ecosystem.


Name: LF6 Humanoid robot
Spec: LF6 Humanoid robot
Name: LF6 Humanoid robot-32
Spec: LF6 Humanoid robot-32
Spec: 0.35
Spec: 0.3m
Spec: 1.7m
Spec: 1.7m
Address:No.732 Chunnong Road,Shanghai,China Tel:021-51860969

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